Homeowner Rehabilitation Program

The City of Paducah has inititated a Fountain Avenue Homeowner Rehabilitation Program.  This program is for existing homeowners in the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood.  This program helps homeowners make repairs on their properties. 

Some of the requirements of the program include, but are not limited to:

  • Must have a gross family income of under 120% Area Median Income.
  • Third party estimates and proof of financial ability to complete the project will be required.
  • Program is open to existing homeowners that have lived in the residence since the adoption of the Fountain Avenue project (April 17, 2007).
  • The cost of rehab must exceed $25,000.00
  • Maximum loan is $30,000.00, minimum is $8,333.00
  • Improvements must be permanent.

The ordinance can be viewed here.

An application can be downloaded here.  The application will need to be returned to:

Paducah Planning Department

Attn:  Charlie Doherty

300 South 5th Street

Paducah, KY  42003