The power and resources of neighborhood organizations are often overlooked by local governments in a project such as this.  However, Fountain Avenue is fortunate to have The Midtown Alliance of Neighbors, a number of concerned residents willing to provide resources and assistance in areas of need.  The general concept of this organization is to provide help to those in the area that need it, who do not qualify or cannot wait for assistance from the city.  The Midtown Alliance of Neighbors recognizes that strong neighborhoods include both solid houses and dedicated, knowledgeable property owners. According to their Mission Statement, the Alliance seeks to provide information, opportunities for interaction, and rehabilitation assistance that will strengthen both the physical neighborhood and the sense of "community" which makes a given neighborhood a desirable one in which to live. For more information on how you can join or contribute your services to the Alliance of Neighbors, please contact Sharon Poat at (270) 442-8947. Cash donations to the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors may be sent to:

The Midtown Neighborhood Fund

c/o The Community Foundation of Western Kentucky

P.O. Box 7901

Paducah, KY 42002-7901

Below are some of the goals for the Midtown Alliance of Neighbors.:

  1. Establish specific criteria to determine the type and amount of assistance each applicant may receive.  Requirements for qualifification may include:
  • Owner occupied homes.
  • Residents must have lived in their home for a minimum of three years.
  • Property owner is current on city, county, state, and federal taxes.
  • Assistance is needed to remedy a violation of the city codes.
  • Owner is elderly, disabled, or has children.

Further objectives include:

  • Get volunteer groups to build homes or help restore homes.
  • Recruit sponsors to donate time or materials.
  • Establish policy that makes expenditures from the Neighborhood Fund of low interest loans to households that meet the specific criteria established by the alliance through the Executive Committee.
  • Recruit qualified and skilled supervisors to oversee projects requiring skilled labor.
  • Recruit volunteers to provide labor and services to selected programs and projects.
  • Maintain a positive, constructive, working relationship with city representatives, volunteers, and those offering financial interest.
  • Hold “How to Maintain a Home” and “How to Buy a Home” classes.

Regarding volunteers and financial support, the alliance would assist:

  • Skilled and unskilled volunteers for home repair projects.
  • Moving assistance by volunteers.
  • Landscaping and lawn care.
  • Helping find a decent place to live.
  • Workers for the salvage center.
  • Donors from companies and individuals of financial and building materials.
  • Help find qualified contractors to donate time and skills.
  • Low interest loans to fix up houses from a revolving loan program.
  • Relocation assistance involving moving and short-term living expenses.
  • Gap financing on loans as partnerships with local banks.