Project Purpose

The goal of the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood Program is to restore this area back to an economically diverse neighborhood similar in character to what it was in the early 1900’s.  To accomplish this goal, many homes have been construted or rehabilitated in the neighborhood.  Due to the significant public and private investment, this neighborhood has seen crime decrease an average of 76.82% per year between 2000 & 2011!  The total public and private reinvestment totals over $8 million. 

The Fountain Avenue Neighborhood is one of the great success stories of the City of Paducah and we invite YOU to be a part of it.  If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact the Paducah Planning Department at (270) 444-8690.


Please check out the Fountain Avenue commercial that was recently played at the Maiden Alley Cinema in downtown Paducah!

A recent episode of "Quality of Life" was about Fountain Avenue.  This episode can be viewed here!

A recent episode of "Your City at Work" featured Fountain Avenue.  This episode can be viewed here!

Properties making their debut on the Fountain Avenue website!

1519 Harrison Street.  This property is a stunning Tudor-sytle tri-plex.  Constructed in 1927, this property has income potential!  Please see this property in "Available Properties" for more information.

1602 Monroe Street.  This property has one bathroom and two bedrooms on the bottom floor.  The upstairs is unfinished, but has the opportunity to have one bathroom and up to two more bedrooms on the second floor.  This home has a 1/2 basement and a full attic.  Please see this property in "Available Properties" for more information.

505 Fountain Avenue.  This vacant lot is 50 X 165.  Within easy walking distance to Lang Park and overlooks the landscaped median on Fountain Avenue.  Construct your new home on this blank canvas!

Public Notice--Request for Proposals

None at this time.


Welcome to the Fountain Avenue Revitalization Program!

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The City of Paducah has won a 100 Best Communities for Young People award!  It is a national recognition.  Over 300 entries from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. were nominated.  Congratulations Paducah!  Information about the 100 Best Communities can be found by clicking here

Fountain Avenue Testimonials

With the ongoing success of the  Fountain Avenue Neighborhood Redevelopment Project, we thought it would be great to hear from the people who live in the neighborhood.  Each story is unique.  Click the links below to meet some of your neighbors and hear their stories. 

Landee Bryant

Shawna Hunter

Bettie Lynch

Chuck Tate

Fountain Avenue Progress

A Power Point showing progress in the neighborhood can be viewed here.

Fountain Avenue Neighborhood Watch

The Fountain Avenue Neighborhood has an active and growing Neighborhood Watch.  This group is a wonderful partner with the City of Paducah to enhance the quality of life in the Neighborhood.  If you would like to become a part of the Neighborhood Watch, please contact Dr. Calvin Shanks at

Upcoming Events

None at this time. 

Neighborhood Investment

The City of Paducah was recently awarded a new Kentucky Housing Corporation Home Investment Partnership grant (more commonly referred to as the HOME Program) for $309,500.00.  These funds will be available to income qualified homebuyers to use towards buying down the construction cost of a new home by as much as $40,000.  Seven vacant City owned lots have been selected as sites for these new homes located at:

1638 Monroe Street---1606 Harrison Street---1621 Harrison Street

430 North 16th Street---508 North 16th Street---1638 Martin Luther King Jr.

And 633 Fountain Avenue

For more information of the HOME program and instructions on how to apply for a new home, click this link:  HOME Program

The City of Paducah has recently finished construction on a home at 1402 Harrison Street (below) and the new homeowner moved into the home in June of 2012.     



              New Construction at 1621 Martin Luther King Jr    

                    New Construction at 1621 Martin Luther King Jr        


Why Live in the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood?

Across the nation there is a growing trend of people moving back to the city core.  You can now take advantage of this rapidly growing trend.  The City of Paducah is committed to revitalizing its older neighborhoods and transforming them back to the grandeur the community once enjoyed.  Lowertown was the first undertaking of this effort and the community as a whole has embraced its great success.  The Fountain Avenue project offers anyone interested the opportunity to be a part of the new old neighborhood (neotraditional) renaissance. 

The Fountain Avenue housing stock contains a large variety of structures ranging from shotgun style, less than 1,000 square foot homes to larger, 4,000 plus square foot, eclectic, Victorian style homes.  The Fountain Avenue Neighborhood is sure to contain a home that is right for you and your family!  Please be sure to check out what is available by clicking on "available properties". 

In order to maintain the character of the existing housing stock and make sure new construction is compatible with the neighborhood character, design standards have been put into place that helps maintain the historic fabric of the neighborhood.  This is an important quality to preserve in order for the neighborhood to maintain its unique identity, promote a sense of home and to help maintain increasing property values.

Location and amenities are some of the key selling points in the neighborhood.  The neighborhood is situated between an area west of North 13th to the west side of Fountain Avenue and the south side of Park Avenue to the alley just north of Jefferson Street.  A project boundary map can be seen by clicking on the quick link to the right.  This central location gives you easy access by walking, bicycling, public transit or driving to downtown shops and entertainment, the Lowertown Arts District and nearby recreation destinations such as Noble Park and Lang Park.  Lang Park is a circular round-a-bout that is considered a key feature of the neighborhood.  Improvements to the park are planned in the near future.  Contact the Planning Department if you think you might be interested in living in a neighborhood with front porches, tree-lined streets, sidewalks, alternative transportation and a community where neighbors know and take care of each other.


The following map shows the status of parcels in the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood.  A larger image can be accessed here.

The final plan has now been adopted by the City Commission as of April 10th 2007.  A hard copy of the plan is available at the Planning Department, the Public Library, Margaret Hank Cumberland Presbyterian Church (1526 Park Avenue) and Fountain Avenue Methodist Church (301 Fountain Avenue).

To download the plan, click here

The City has finalized an incentive package, enacted a marketing program and created other informational materials.  Please click on "About the Project" then "Incentives" to learn more about the incentive program.  

For more information contact