MLK/13th Property

qAt the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and North 13th Streets there is a large, vacant 6.24-acre lot.  This used to be the site of the Thomas Jefferson apartments that were managed by the Paducah Housing Authority.  This complex was demolished in 2000, leaving prime vacant land in the heart of the city ripe for redevelopment.  City leaders view this property as a key piece of the puzzle for the success of the neighborhood and the community.

The Paducah Housing Authority graciously donated this property over to the city in 2006.  The Urban Renewal Board is willing to donate this property through its proposal process to a developer that agrees to construct a mixed-use, new urbanism style commercial/residential development that compliments the neighborhood.  In general, this style of development on this property would consist of storefronts along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive with residential units above and a transition back to single family homes along 14th and Madison Streets.  This idea includes more green space than more modern developments we typically see in Paducah.  The proposed development will have service oriented businesses. More information about these types of developments can be found at the Congress for New Urbanism ( and similar sites.




















This is a conceptual drawing only.  Developers will have full design freedom with the lot, but the following ideas will be applied.  Section “A” is a Main Street style storefront development with first floor retail and residential apartments or condos above.  Section “B” is the same style development, but on a slightly smaller scale.  Section “C” is public recreation open space.  The circle design is taken from Lang Park on Fountain Avenue.  Section “D” is a single family home development, constructed with the same style and similar density as the neighborhood core.