The Neighborhood

Great neighbors make great neighborhoods.  Often times in our busy schedules we do not have time to get to know each other.  A strong neighborhood association helps make that possible and provides a communication outlet between a neighborhood and the city.  It is a forum to provide feedback on the project process and to address issues or concerns, or to provide suggestions on improvements.  A Fountain Avenue Neighborhood Association has been formed along with a neighborhood watch.  Please click on Neighborhood Association above to find out how to become involved and be informed on neighborhood activities.

The Fountain Avenue area is filled with history, character, and unique architecture.  To learn more about the area, styles of structures, and the people who lived there, click on Fountain Ave History.

Paducah offers many festivals, fine dining, and entertainment opportunities, most of which are located within just a few blocks of the neighborhood.   To discover what is adjacent to this unique living experience, please click on About Paducah.